Aylesbury Automation

Aylesbury Automation Limited is a well established and securely financed British company, privately owned and at the forefront of technology. Aylesbury Automation Limited was first formed in 1961 and quickly evolved to become the leading automation company in the UK - a position it still maintain today.

Over the company's long history, it has continued to respond to changes in the market and customer demands, gaining vast experience in the application of factory automation throughout almost every type of industry.  Aylesbury Automation has been presented with almost every type of manufacturing problem and delivered solutions which include: eliminating production bottlenecks, increasing capacity and reducing costs. These solutions range from a tooled vibration parts feeder through to automated feed systems, assembly equipment and special purpose machines. The company's core products include a full range of sophisticated vibratory parts feeders, linear feeders and rivet setting machines, supported by additional ancillary equipment. The business runs a full IT capability, with networked computer systems and sophisticated CAD stations.

Contact Details

Aylesbury Automation
Unit 2
Farmbrough Close
Stocklake Park,
United Kingdom
HP20 1DQ
Telephone: +44 1296 314 300
Email: [email protected]
Website http://www.aylesbury-automation.co.uk

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