Sealing & Gluing

Robot systems offer a precise and consistent solution to the potentially messy application of applying sealant and adhesive to products.

There are alternative methods of achieving this, either by using the robot to manipulate the dispensing nozzle or using the robot to move and position the part under a static sealant nozzle. A combination of the accuracy and repeatability offered by robots and the precision proportional control available from some of todays dispensing systems, means that quality and consistency in sealant application can be guaranteed.

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The speed and dexterity of today's robot systems has seen this technology adopted by many organsations for assembly operations.


AA Robotics offers the Hyundai HP160 4 axis robot for Palletising applications. Palletising robots can handle impressive payloads and complete pick and place operations typically within 8.0 seconds.


The Hyuandi range of robots, sold in the UK and Ireland by AA Robotics can be used to weld a wide range of different components, both small and large.