The benefits that automation and robotics can bring to manufacturing processes can only be realised if the technologies are specified and applied correctly.

AA Robotics has many man-years of experience in applying automation, in its many forms, to a wide range of manufacturing processes.

We are able to offer advice on automation concepts, selecting the right robot for the application and provide the training and post sales support to ensure that your robot or automation system meets your expectations.

With a wide range of industrial robots, including 4, 5 and 6 axis variants, from some of the worlds largest manufacturers you can be assured that we are always able to offer the most appropriate robot for the application, backed by the expertise of some of the UK’s most experienced automation engineers.

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Company History

AA Robotics was formed in 2006 and has become a key part of the Aylesbury Automation family. Find out more about our company and the range of robots and automation technologies we provide.

Company Aims & Objectives

AA Robotics aims and objectives are to meet or exceed our customers' requirements in all respects, particularly quality, delivery, competitiveness and communications. We will also continue to strive to maintain our position amongst the market leaders in each of our niche products and markets.